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Git Grack - Apache DocumentRoot problem

Added by Denny Schierz at 2013-03-22 11:59 am


actually I use three IPs for our own Chili, SVN and GIT installation with Apache, cause of SSL. That works wonderful, but now I want to try, if I can run all services with only one IP. I was able to get Chili 3.5.0 and SVN running, but with Git ... I don't get it:

My structure:

/var/scm/<department>/htdocs/scm -> /var/scm/<department>/chili/public
/var/scm/<department>/htdocs/git -> /var/scm/<department>/git-www/public

the Chili URL is:

If I try to checkout my Git repository, I get:

File does not exist: /var/scm/fg/st/htdocs/git/foobar-git-test.git

The correct path would be: /var/scm/fg/st/git/foobar-git-test.git

I think, the Problem is the DocumentRoot which shows to /var/scm/<department>/htdocs instead of the public directory from grack. Otherwise Chili doesn't work anymore.

So, does anybody has a idea?

cu denny

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