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Plugin Enumerations

Added by Denise Mauldin at 2011-05-12 07:15 pm

Hey all,

I'm writing a plugin to track our specific kinds of data in ChiliProject and I wanted to add several enumerations to drop down lists for the plugin. For example, I want to have a status dropdown with 5-6 different status choices. Given that I'm a newbie Rails/Ruby programmer, what should I do to learn about how to do this? Is there a good example plugin that does this that I could learn from? Is there something more specific in the docs pages other than the [[ ]] documentation?

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RE: Plugin Enumerations - Added by Eric Davis at 2011-05-12 11:29 pm

You have three options:

  1. build a separate model, controller, view for each of the different data types. This will give you the most control. I use this when the different data/enumerations have logic or need multiple associations
  2. use custom fields. They are restrictive and difficult to use programatically but can work. I use these when the data can stand on it's own and the plugin is just querying it (e.g. custom field on Issue for "department" with a plugin that just filters based on that field)
  3. use the actual Enumerations model. This is provided by ChiliProject and there is a full administration panel for them already (create, edit, delete, order). If you are tracking a single text string or a position, these work really good.

For an example of using the Enumerations model; in my contracts plugin I allow admins to enter billing terms. These are only simple data values that a user can select so Enumerations fit perfectly. All I had to do was to create a subclass of Enumeration and provide a few methods for it code.

Hope this helps

Eric Davis