ChiliProject is not maintained anymore. Please be advised that there will be no more updates.

We do not recommend that you setup new ChiliProject instances and we urge all existing users to migrate their data to a maintained system, e.g. Redmine. We will provide a migration script later. In the meantime, you can use the instructions by Christian Daehn.

2.0.0 release branch

Added by Eric Davis at 2011-05-30 12:48 am

I've branched unstable into the 2.0.0 release branch. Any work done for the RCs or 2.0.0 should now be done in that branch. After the release it will be merged into master (and stable) where we can continue development on 2.x.

The 3.x series will begin development in unstable soon.

References: ChiliProject Repository

Eric Davis