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Project templates (Feature #941)

Added by Leandro Benincá at 2012-03-20 11:15 pm. Updated at 2012-05-10 02:22 pm.

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Hi! One feature that IMHO's missing in CP is the hability to create pre-defined issues for a new project (think of a template).

Because in my case (and I think most of designers and developers' cases), many issues are common among all my projects, such as Briefing, contract meeting, review, validation, etc.

Is there a way of doing so, and if not, anyone willing to develop that??

Thanks, and sorry for the poor english!

Client-Website.pdf - Sample Project Web-Development (110.5 kB) Markus Guske, 2012-03-21 09:03 am


Updated by Markus Guske at 2012-03-21 09:03 am

Do you mean :
  • you need different tracker types called briefing, contract meeting, etc., containing custom fields?
  • you want to book a time entry with such of those activities to a single issue?
  • you mean, you want a project template with a bunch of predifined issues all tight together, you can find in some project management tools.
    As a result you have a small standard project plan (Gantt-Chart)
    Here is a PDF of Merlin software with a some standard issues to express the last point see Client-Website.pdf

Updated by Leandro Benincá at 2012-03-21 10:10 am

Hey, Markus, I think that's my case: a project template with a bunch of predifined issues all tight together.

In my quest trying to find that function (after posting on CP site), a friend told me in Facebook that he uses the Admnistrator "copy project" function.

He creates a series of templates for his commons tasks, named "AATemplate Webdesign" (for instance), and then he only hits the button "copy" everytime he wants a new project with all those settings predefined.

And I think it'll work for me!

But anyway, if one of you guys would like to create a "template" function, it'd be awesome for everyone (like me) that haven't found this "little trick" yet.

Thanks a lot for the quick response!

Updated by Felix Schäfer at 2012-03-25 08:03 am

Hi Leandro,

I've edited the title of the issue to (I think) better reflect your intention. The best way to do this today is indeed to have a dummy project and to copy it as needed.

A little side-note: please only set the target version if you can commit to supply code until then, thanks.

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Updated by Manuel Villar Guijarro at 2012-05-10 02:22 pm

I'd also like this functionality to be implemented.

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