ChiliProject is not maintained anymore. Please be advised that there will be no more updates.

We do not recommend that you setup new ChiliProject instances and we urge all existing users to migrate their data to a maintained system, e.g. Redmine. We will provide a migration script later. In the meantime, you can use the instructions by Christian Daehn.

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Revision fa7bd1c7

ID: fa7bd1c71dca1e9c74e6d83277336321393dac9f
Added by Eric Davis at 2009-05-03 11:25 pm

Added the ability to copy a project in the Project Administration panel.

  • Added Copy project button.
  • Added Project#copy_from to duplicate a project to be modified and saved by the user
  • Added a ProjectsController#copy based off the add method
    • Used Project#copy_from to create a duplicate project in memory
  • Implemented Project#copy to copy data for a project from another and save it.
    • Members
    • Project level queries
    • Project custom fields
  • Added a plugin hook for Project#copy.

    #1125 #1556 #886 #309

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81

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