ChiliProject is not maintained anymore. Please be advised that there will be no more updates.

We do not recommend that you setup new ChiliProject instances and we urge all existing users to migrate their data to a maintained system, e.g. Redmine. We will provide a migration script later. In the meantime, you can use the instructions by Christian Daehn.


Random improvement ideas that aren't high priority but shouldn't be forgotten either (aka: braindump ;-) ). This could also become a starting page for dev meetings to answer questions such as "what to do next?".

Not organized

  • Github integration (make github ping ChiliProject about new updates, �), also see
  • On the topic of repositories: I don't know if this would fit our main goals or if it should rather go into a "side goal"/(core) plugin, but at least with git I think we have the opportunity to provide more integration on the server-side, i.e. one-click repo creation and "no-fuss" git serving over http, that way all one would have to do is install and serve CP, have git in your path and you're done.
  • Delegate authentication/authorization to a thrid-party gem, devise/cancan might be candidates; roles/permissions could be delegated too.
  • ICS view of Calendar
  • Allow pasting screenshots in issues
  • Have look at other similar projects for feature ideas, e.g.,,,
  • API that allows plugins to add fields.
  • User interface audit - all labels attached to their field, all links work without Javascript, etc
  • Better notification system - allow users to select which types of messages to receive and what projects to get them on (e.g. all events on ProjectB and only Wiki events on ProjectX)
  • Rework the SCM adapters to use high level libs instead of shelling out to CLI utils (libsvn-ruby, libgit2/Rugged, couldn't find equivalents for the other languages)
  • Audit log of admin activity (#14 note 6)
  • Usability:
    • Easier browsing of issue lists: Preview the most relevant information of an issue without leaving the containing list (like OS X Finder when you press SPACE after marking a file in a folder).
    • Let the user decide which projects to see in the select box "Jump to project".
    • Visually indicating context menus. Nobody of my clients expected a context menu in the issues list.
    • Changing the place of the "change password" link. Nobody finds it.
    • High level visualization of activity (Heatmap?): Which project is active? What are people working on within a project (issues, project plan, wiki, forum, news,...)?
  • Reporting:
    • Reporting and statistics on custom fields.
  • Wiki:
    • Rich content support. Macros for video, SWF, ...
    • In place comments and discussions inside comments
    • Playback of the entries history. See for some inspiration.
    • Wiki-Editor that offers WYSIWYG but with an expressiveness of wiki-syntax and not of MS Word (Differentiation of assigning styles to document parts and defining the styles themselves).
  • Calendar:
    • Reminders (I hate checking when the deadline is up to come.)
    • Integration of CalDAV (If I have a deadline by version oder issue, I want to see it in the calendar I always use and not in a calendar I sometimes use). // There's a plugin for that </plug type="shameless"> -- Felix
  • Mobile UI based on JQTouch or JQuery UI or whatever. Does anybody of you use the Redmine web UI on his mobile?
  • JRuby support (Would be extremely useful when hosting Redmine in enterprise environments so that the hosters that have no idea what redmine is just need to deploy a JAR file)
  • Upgrade to Rails 3, Including but not limited to:
    • Rewrite Query.rb to use lazy loading and scopes, using scopes might also make it possible to leverage Query.rb for other things than issues.
  • Full stack test coverage using something like capybara to test links and form submissions
  • Roles and Permissions inside of groups such as a group admin or a group manager. A group admin can assign permissions inside a group.
  • Resource planning on version level.
  • Spam filtering stuff (spam filter anonymous postings, not a big fan of captchas�)
  • Edit locks for "big" text blocks (tickets, wiki pages�)
  • User selection (watcher selection when creating an issue, membership management?, group management, �) improvement: auto-complete field with gravatars in the drop-down list, optionally with the current checkbox list limited to max 15 users additionally (selecting someone from the autocomplete would add the user to the checkbox list).
  • Wiki features: namespaces, namespaced URLs, and so on.


  • Private issues (#189) (#701)
  • Multiple SCM per project (#971)
  • Add tags to issues (#139) (#720)
  • New permission for issues: view_own_issue (#564)
  • Export wiki pages to PDF/DOC (#901)
  • WebDAV access to Documents/Files (#384 WebDAV plugin?)
  • Multiselect custom fields (#141)
  • Ability to assign issues to groups (#427)
  • Log of incoming email - e.g. mail added to issue X, mail rejected because "project was missing") (#792)
  • Incoming email confirmations - when Redmine receives an email, it should send a confirmation back to the sender with details about what happened. (e.g. your message created issue X, your message was rejected). (See above about a log too, #792)
  • The current state of pagination is a little of a sore sight and it doesn't seem to provide URLs for stuff. has a very good discussion about "nice" URLs and leveraging HTML5/js methods to make ajax "less painful", other useful links: and (#1257)