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Pedro Gutierrez

  • Registered on: 2011-02-03
  • Last connection: 2012-04-19


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07:06 am ChiliProject Feature #465 (Open): Multiple category support
Tags are a nice option for this, I agree.
I only miss the possibility of viewing issues of a specific version by tag ...


11:05 am ChiliProject Feature #139 (Open): Tags for issues
Thanks Aleksey, for considering the possibility of showing info about issues per tag in version.
Aleksey Zapparov ...
08:24 am ChiliProject Feature #139 (Open): Tags for issues
*For your consideration*
Currently, see the picture below, it is not possible to filter the issues of a version by t...


09:56 am ChiliProject Feature #139 (Open): Tags for issues
Very interesting plugin, thanks to everybody involved in these series of plugins
I'm happy to see that future vers...


06:57 am ChiliProject Feature #157 (Open): Scrum / Kanban way of project layout
We've started to use Kanban and, at least in our case, we'd find it useful to allow more than one project in our Redm...


10:25 am ChiliProject Task #118 (Closed): Scope and release plan 2.0.0
As a merely involved chicken user I'd be happy to see:
* tagging
* and/or more custom field types, specially with a...


12:45 pm ChiliProject Feature #193 (Open): Make issue reporter watcher of the issue
I can't agree more.


12:12 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: why should people switch from Redmine to Chili?
I'll watch with great interest the evolution of Chili.
We're not at all dissatisfied with Redmine and we believe it...

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