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[PROPOSAL] Updating menus

Added by Eric Davis at 2011-11-07 04:13 am

Now that #263 is moving forward I think it's time to review our menus for 3.0. There is an issue for adding grouping to the project menu but I want to talk about the other menus.

Right now we have these menus

  • project - holds the modules when inside a project
  • admin - the admin panel menus
  • account menu - login/logout, register
  • top menu - home, my page
  • application menu - not used

In 2.x the account menu was on the right and the top menu was on the left.

#263 changes this in several ways:

  • account menu is still on the far right
  • parts of the top menu are next to it (Home, My Page)
  • the rest of the top menu is included in the "more" menu as a drop down
  • the Projects list (replacing the project jumpbox) are included in the top menu
  • search is also included in the top menu
  • for admins the admin menu is added to the bottom of the "more" menu
  • application menu is still not used

Overall I like how this layout but I had to do some manual data hacking to move the menus around. I'm proposing we redo the menus themselves like this: (lib/redmine.rb)

  • project menu - no changes
  • admin menu - no changes
  • account menu - no changes
  • top menu - change this so it is only Home, My Page, (New item) Projects, (New child menu) More, and (New) Search.
  • add a more menu which is embedded into the top menu - Administration, Help, (New dynamic menu) list of admin menus
  • remove the application menu

With these changes to the menus, all of the menu logic that was added in #263 could be removed and we'd use the normal menu helpers for rendering. The only difference in this proposal from what #263 has done is that:

  • currently plugins adding menu items to the top menu would have them filtered and put into the More dropdown.
  • with this proposed change, plugins that add items to the top menu would have them added like normal (probably after Projects but before More).


(The code to do this should be simple. We already support grouping and dynamic menus and I have some example code that I'm using in a plugin already.)