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[PATCH] Extensible MailHandler (Feature #170)

Added by Yuki Sonoda at 2011-02-10 08:02 am. Updated at 2011-02-17 01:11 am.

Status:Closed Start date:2011-02-10
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Eric Davis % Done:


Category:Mail Receiving
Target version:1.1.0 — Bell
Remote issue URL: Affected version:


app/models/mail_handler is useful but not extensibly from plugins. I think it would be useful if MailHandler were extensible by making a subclass based on it.

I wrote the attached patch. This introduces MailHandler#dispatch_to_default which just calls receive_issue by default. Plugin can extend the dispatch table by overriding #dispatch_to_default.

extensible-mail-handler.patch (913 Bytes) Yuki Sonoda, 2011-02-10 08:02 am

Associated revisions

Revision a47ad014
Added by Eric Davis at 2011-02-15 12:48 am

[#170] Refactor MailHandler to support a default dispatch method

Contributed by Yuki Sonoda


Updated by Felix Schäfer at 2011-02-10 09:00 am

Couldn't you currently extend the model and replace/extend #receive_issue with an alias_method_chain?

Updated by Holger Just at 2011-02-10 09:11 am

Felix Schäfer wrote:

Couldn't you currently extend the model and replace/extend #receive_issue with an alias_method_chain?

alias_method_chain is a really hacky solution which is abused with great virtuosity in Redmine/ChiliProject plugins and creates a lot of pain sometimes. So if we have the opportunity to have an actual extensible API, we should really go for it.

Updated by Eric Davis at 2011-02-10 11:43 pm

I also thought about alias_method_chain but if I recall ActionMailer classes do some funky tricks for their methods (partial singleton, class methods...). This makes patching is more difficult.

Having an overall extensible API for mail receiving is actually a great idea. Then plugins can hook into there to process their own email (e.g. like replying to the emails my Question plugin generates). I think Yuki Sonoda's patch is the simplest thing that could work.

  • Status changed from Open to Ready for review

Updated by Eric Davis at 2011-02-14 11:59 pm

I've added Yuki's patch to a branch along with some rdoc comments. Ready for review.

  • Assignee set to Eric Davis

Updated by Felix Schäfer at 2011-02-15 01:34 pm

Looks good to me, merge at will.

Updated by Eric Davis at 2011-02-17 01:11 am

Merged into master for 1.1.0. Thank you for the patch Yuki Sonoda.

  • Target version set to 1.1.0 — Bell
  • Status changed from Ready for review to Closed

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