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Muntek Singh, 2011-03-23 04:10 pm

Development Meeting 0


Meeting of Developers and Contributors

March 18th 1600 UTC


  • Description of the release goals for 2.0 (#118)
  • Find supporters of the different areas of development
  • Introduce Bundler for dependency handling
  • Move to Rails 2.3.11 in preparation of the Rails 3 move in a later release
  • Pull out all currently bundled dependencies: RubyTree, CodeRay, RedCloth, LDAP
  • Update these libraries if possible
  • acts_as_journalized plugin (#123)
  • Gravatar into separate gem
  • Helper situation ([Decided] - Add helpers :all to ApplicationController?)

Notes on Topics

Topics for next session

Committed Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
Khalsa Muntek Singh
edavis10 Eric Davis
thegcat Felix Schäfer
meineerde Holger Just
MischaTheEvil Mischa The Evil
happynoff Simon COURTOIS
ferggo Greg Mefford

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