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Development Meeting 1

(Previous meeting: Development Meeting 0)


Meeting of Developers and Contributors

May 20th 1600 UTC (1 hour long)

Topics and decisions

State of 2.0 - Eric Davis

  • 2.0.0 RC next weekend, pending bug squashing (2011-05-21/22)
  • 1.4.0 next weekend too
  • June 3-5th, bugmash and doc updating

Goals for 3.0 and commitments to these goals - Eric Davis

  • Felix: code cleanup from aaj, wiki cleanup
  • edavis10: new layout (theme), api redesign, finish subtasks, issue tags, per user email, more custom fields, liquid/macros
  • tomkersten: fwiw: i'm working on some PDF export stuff. i can't commit to reworking it entirely in chili at this point. Maybe some Gantt and Calendar work

What should go in the blog? - Felix Schäfer

  • releases
  • notifications of events
  • pointers to new and major docs
  • major development milestones (e.g. aaj)
  • tips and tricks
  • RFAQ
  • contributor profiles

Out of scope

  • code heavy
  • guides (point to wiki)
  • setup docs (point to wiki)


Topics for next session

  • Find supporters of the different areas of development - Muntek Singh

Committed Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
Khalsa Muntek Singh
edavis10 Eric Davis
thegcat Felix Schäfer
meineerde Holger Just
schmidtwisser Gregor Schmidt
yeahrock Jan Schulz-Hofen
jehreg Patrick Naubert
tomkersten Tom Kersten


The full text log is available on the usual place