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Development Meeting 2

(Previous meeting: Development Meeting 1)


Meeting of Developers and Contributors

October 28th 1600 UTC (1 hour long)

Topics and decisions

State of 3.0

  • New Theme (#263) - Holger Just
    • The finn-contributed design (preview on is accepted,
    • The submission must be broken up into smaller bits though, see the comments on #263 for more info,
    • Next steps: Eric finishes up the work he has already begun on tidying up some views and existing js, next finn/Romano will prepare the commits for the theme.
  • Liquid (#604) - Holger Just
    • is nearly finished, pull request in the works.
  • Per-user email (#674) - Eric Davis
    • works, needs to be extracted from a client codebase into a pull request.


  • Communication
    • Eric calls to attention that we should avoid spreading discussions about single items too much.
  • Pull requests and git clone --mirror


Path to rails 3


  • Find supporters of the different areas of development - Muntek Singh

Topics for next session

Committed Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
meineerde Holger Just
edavis10 Eric Davis
thegcat Felix Schäfer
Khalsa Muntek Singh


The full text log will be available on the usual place